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Site Construction
Project Model
Project Visual
Site Construction
North Facade
Site Construction
Project View in from tower blocks
Site Construction
Project View from Riverside
Site Construction
View from Terrace
Column and Facade system
Site Construction
Column Detail
Big Column Structure Detail
Planter Detail
Central Atrium View
Columns in Interior Atrium
Central Atrium View
Interior Atrium
Rooftop Planters

Moganshan 1000 trees

Shanghai . China

in Construction - West Building Completion in 2018

Le Ha involved in this project, from the beginning concept stage to construction stage, as a package leader and site architect at Heatherwick Studio between 2011 - 2015,

leading Central Bridge Building and West Building Interior team. HS team members in the project varies between 15-50 through out the years.

Type : Mixed Use Development

15ha . 300 000m2 GFA . 280m £

Role  : Packcage Leader for Central Bridge Building

            Packcage Leader for West Building Interior

            Site Architect in Shanghai 2013-2014

Consultant Involved:

ARUP, Inhabit Facade, Urbis Landscape, Speir and Major Lighting Design

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