Belle Lab

101 Nguyễn Huệ . HCM . Vietnam . 2019

Beauty Concept Store. 300sqm.

Client : Saigon Signature . Saigon Mira
Display Design : Huỳnh Quang Ngọc Hân
Structure Engineer : Hồ Triêm
Construction : Phước Hưng Thànn
Photographer : Hiroyuki Oki

Our BelleLab design cuts through the cosmetic supermarket typology to create a relaxing, joyful and supportive experience for every visitor. Drawing inspiration from traditional Vietnamese gardens and materials, it curates a sequence of immersive spaces that leads you through your layers of self. As you ascend the floating stairs from popular contemporary products to personal consultations, the design embodies BelleLab’s belief that beauty comes from being comfortable and carefree in your own skin.